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About Us

What is is a celebration of record store culture – a directory of independent record shops that offer new and used LPs, 45s, hi-fi equipment, turntable parts and services, and more. We support vinyl as a medium, promote independent shops and drive customers into brick-and-mortars through this website and via VinylHunt on social media.

We love visiting record shops and talking to owners and their customers. Like the stores themselves, is independently-owned and thrives on our own customers – record shops, their patrons and fellow vinyl enthusiasts – to survive. Without them, this site would not exist. Please support your local record shops and all independent retailers.

Record shop listings are added to the site by shop owners through a store owner account; or by patrons who can suggest record shops to add to the site. Customers can also rate and write comments about their favorite (or least favorite) record stores.

Who is was launched in 2006 by Steve Salcedo (@stevesalcedo), a digital creative director and frequent record store patron based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, out of a desire to locate independent record shops in a centralized directory.

In addition to ongoing website maintenance, Steve also updates VinylHunt’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Flipboard.

The site is powered by Ruby on Rails with development support from Dave Sanders (@vulgrin).


Learn how you can support our cause by patronizing independent record shops, supporting our sponsors, and making a small donation.